Sun, beach and waves.. photo story :-)

What image did I have about Australia before I came here? Probably the same as you .. burning sun, beautiful beaches with white sand, blue ocean, idyllic climate, smiling people, handsome surfers, eternal heat and these spiders, snakes and everything else that can kill you πŸ™‚ right? Indisputably, Australia has a lot to offer, it’s huge. It’s 25 times bigger than Poland, despite all it has 15 million fewer residents! You can not say that it is rich in history and monuments, but it’s certainly rich in nature.

Since I am here, however, I have my conclusions and I know that we have some exaggerated ideas about this country. It’s not that the sun is still burning here all the time and it’s still hot. On the second day in Sydney, I experienced one of the worst storms and downpours in my life. I thought it was an isolated case, but in summer it was raining quite often. Global changes, of course, do not bypass Australia;) On the coast is also never hot heat because the breeze from the ocean cools the climate also quietly, I did not experience burns or the like: DΒ 

I arrived here at the end of October 2018 with a work & holiday visa. Initially for a year, maybe two and what happen next we’ll see. We landed in Sydney and had the opportunity to see the city first.


Sailing from one island to the other.

On the local ferry from one surburbs to another

I never dreamed of living in a big city, so we did not decide to stay there, we chose a lake house in a quiet neighborhood. However, after six months of peace, I am definitely enough with that πŸ˜€ Sydney has many beautiful beaches, walking trails along the coast, great pubs in a great climate right by the water and it’s close to the main airport.

The Newport Arms Hotel in Sydney, a great atmosphere

My favorite nectar- Pina Colada: D

One of the most recognizable beaches in Sydney Bondi Beach has fascinated me completely! It was a beautiful sunny day, and the water was literally like the Caribbean, and you can see it! I did not rework photos in photoshop;) There is a great walking trail along the coast from Bondi Beach itself to Cooge Beach (Bondi to Coogee Walk) and the views all the time make an amazing impression! The trail stretches for 6 km and on the way, if you want to take a break, you can catch a coffee in a beach bar and just admire it.

Tamarama Beach on the way to Bondi is Coogee Walk

WΕ‚Γ³czykij on the mission of discovering the world: D

WΕ‚Γ³czykij on the mission of discovering the world: D

Bondi Beach

Bondi has one of the best outdoor swimming pools I have ever had the opportunity to be. Right next to the water, next to a few pubs, you can eat well, have a drink or practice yoga on specific days.

I love to swim in the ocean, but I also love these outdoor pools to swim solidly and still have views πŸ™‚ One of them we have near our home in Port Kembla, one of my favorite spots.

Basen Olympic at Port Kembla Beach

… because in the water I feel like a fish, I am there quite often! Next to the pool is a nice restaurant La Playa, where I like to drink Sangria and eat a fish burger, the best seats for the sunset. This is the climate πŸ™‚

The Beach Bar

Lookout Hills 60, lucky people live in this house!

Going to the next one of my gems, definitely Farm Beach πŸ™‚ that’s how I imagined Australia. Half an hour drive from our house, I came there for the first time by accident during a cycling trip. I have not heard about it before because the local rightly want to avoid the mass of tourists to preserve this beauty. I turned not where I needed to, so I decided that by the way I would find a shop because I ran out of water. This view just spread in front of my eyes.. πŸ™‚

The photo never captures the true magic of the place, you know what you see with your own eyes, you will truly feel it πŸ™‚ I have come back to Farm Beach not once, not twice and I will definitely go back there before I go further. Recently, we ran into Farm Market. There were plenty of stands with food, handicrafts and live music, my climate!

Recently, for the first time, I caught waves! It wasΒ fun. This year I spent the Easter weekend really special: D wandering, beautiful views and surfing. I wanted to catch a wave on Farm Beach, we could not have better conditions πŸ™‚

I still think that the best places are those you’ve heard very little about! It is well known that tourist places are popular for the reason, but I like to discover such gems, ask local people or get lost simply by accident. By just getting advice from a local friend, I came to, for example, the paradise Isla Mujeres island in Mexico, otherwise I might not have arrived there and the island turned out to be a great wow! I already know from experience that there is nothing to suggest with pictures from Google, etc. It can be either a good surprise or disappointment … just check this out πŸ˜‰

The area where we live is very calm, but also picturesque. Immediately after we moved here, we bought canoes because how do not take advantage of the fact that just in front of our house water! Another thing I did right after moving was to sign up for a windsurfing club. Clubbers met every Saturday at the yacht club, 5 minutes from my house to catch the wind together. They also organized their own races along the designated lake route. I was the youngest and at the same time international club member, but thanks to the experience of the crew I could always count on valuable advice, support and doping for my next small achievements on the water πŸ™‚Β 

Windang Bridge, Lake Illawara

Huge pelicans πŸ™‚


A bit of photorelation from other places πŸ™‚

Mystics Beach

Solar energy πŸ™‚

Bald Hill Lookout, New South Wales

Rugby Game and my faithful supporter of Canberra πŸ™‚ stadium in Sydney

Rest after surfing πŸ™‚

Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay, the whitest sand in the world in the Guinness Book

Woollongong, a great place for the sunset πŸ™‚

Viewpoint Black Berry in the Kosciuszko National Park

Beach Port Kembla near the house πŸ™‚

See you later! πŸ™‚




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