Beautiful cliffs and happy dolphins in Jervis Bay :)

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday. Despite the fact that I was quite sick we set off, ahoj adventure! The mission on Saturday was the search for dolphins and whales in Jervis Bay. I have never seen these amazing creatures before, so the excitement reached its zenith 😀

In the background a lighthouse, this working ;-)

A bit about Jervis Bay.

Jervis Bay is a bay located 198 km south of Sydney, which includes a series of small holiday towns (Huskisson, Vincentia, Hyams Beach, Callala Bay), an impressive park (Booderee National Park), two lighthouses (one open, the other one is historical) , a small piece of Australia’s coast (Jervis Bay) and, most importantly, a huge natural harbor that is considered the deepest port in Australia at a depth of 27 meters.

Over 135 meter high cliffs are the highest on the east coast and Hyams Beach is proudly listed in the Guinness book for having the world’s whitest sand. It’s actually pretty damn white 😉

One of the interesting fact is that before European people arrived to Australian land, Aborigines (indigenous people of Australia) lived in the vicinity of the bay for at least 20,000 years.

The history of Australia is greatly depicted by the movie “The rabbit proof fence” which speaks of the “stolen generation of children” – the plan of white people to extinct the Aboriginal caste.

In the meantime, continuing the report from the trip … 🙂

We left in the morning, along the way grabbing tasty breakfast and how obligatory coffee in a charming restaurant right next to the highway. No sign to turn or anything. Chris knew about it from a friend. And again my theory worked – the best pearls are where you’ve barely heard about them: D

Waiting for our boat

We bought tickets for a boat trip earlier on-line, so all we had to do was pick up our boarding passes. We still had some time to cruise, so we could get around Huskinson – we sailed from there. The first thing I dropped into a store with natural cosmetics and picked up some nice gadgets. I love all these natural medications, soaps, oils, fragrances, herbs. Lately I have been focused on the most natural products I use on a daily basis. 

Boat has arrived, time to jump in !

4 years ago when I was in Napa Valley in California, visiting the beautiful fields of grapes for the cultivation of Sterling Vineyard, I came across this big board “Before I die I want to …” People from different parts of the world in their languages ​​wrote what they want to do before they die. Here’s what I wrote …: D

 August 2015 Sterling Vineyard, Napa Valley in California

toast for your dreams! : D

 so what, for the dreams! 😀 with my lovely Uncle

Maybe I am not ready to dive with whales yet, but you have to start with something right?! 😀 I am fascinated by these huge creatures! 

Despite the absence of whales, I was not a little disappointed with the cruise. A whole herd of dolphins flowed around our boat, it was an amazing sight !!!! I was happy like a child. They are amazing, so free and happy they gave the impression that they’re having fun we watch them. There was also a huge seal that jumped as charmingly as on the show.

 With my loove 😀

Sailing farther we met small seals on the steep rocks of the cliff and I could not stop wondering how they got in there. Without stress they rested in a place where absolutely no one could disturb them, even we. How much we could learn from such seals 😉

A bit like where is Wolly [/ caption]

The cliffs themselves made an amazing impression. The water was also incredibly clean. It had a beautifully deep color.

Along the way we swam past Honeymoon Bay. It is a camping place with an isolated beach and amazing tranquility. In the season you need to book a place with a good advance because the place itself is not large, but wild, so desirable for those who are thirsty for natural sensations 😉 In the picture you can not see it, but the water was so clear that I could not believe it. The perfect place for snorkeling and the perfect place to breathe.

Honeymoon Bay from the boat

We returned to the shore a bit frozen, but in great moods. Before dinner, I dropped in to the souvenir shop to buy a soft toy, nice isn’t ?! : D It now floats next to my bed reminding me of my dream and mission to fulfill it!

 Yacht Club on the coast; Dinner, tea and time to move home [/ caption]

My ending note?

or maybe a question.

Do you know who can help you make your dreams come true? You alone! yes yes, no excuses. It’s just a matter of the right attitude, inner harmony, balance, faith in magic and life in harmony with yourself. It’s practically a definition of your own luck 🙂


Stay warm 🙂

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