Natural side of Australia :-)

So from the side I like the most 🙂

In New South Wales, where we live now, there are plenty of options when it comes to hiking trips. Next to us we have the great Royal National Park. It is characterized by seaside cliffs, secluded beaches and ubiquitous eucalyptus bush. Beautiful viewpoints, paths of varying difficulty, picnic areas, natural pools in the depths of the forest, waterfalls .. 🙂

We recently had the opportunity to marvel at Wodi Wodi Track. We did it twice. For the first time starting from the point where we had the impression that we came to the real jungle! And the next time we started from the second possible starting point, where the trail is gentler and on the way we were charmed by ocean view points.

Wodi Wodi Track

It is a 6.5-kilometer trail, named after the Guardians – an indigenous people living along the coast of Illawarra. The trail is perfect for a one-day trip, which starts in the beautiful Stanwell Park (provided that we start the trip early in the morning). From this point we started … when we found ourselves in the jungle 😀

Other interesting places include the Bullock trail used by European settlers (1820) and Lawrence Hargrave House (1880).

We started with Stanwell Park Station, I did’t know what to expect, but I thought it would be quite idyllic. Hardly ever I entered this forest from the very beginning as I saw these brushwood in front of me 😀 in the picture, I stand frightened staring at the bush and looking around if there are no spiders around. I’m telling myself … ok just do it … Chris, when looked at my face said there is no00 way we can turn back now. Okay … so I’m gritting my teeth and walking into the forest: D Without sticks in hand I did not get around, sometimes it was up or steeply down, sticks also served as solid machetes to remove branches. Often we had to wonder which way we should go on because the path did not look like a path anymore but rather like unredeemed trail 😀 We wondered how it’s possible that there are not even signs around to get lost. Because of course we got lost slightly, marching not the right way. Marching sounds gently because we were kind of struggling 😀 This adrenaline, however, added fun to the whole trip. We did’t meet anyone along the route, we were just us and the forest around. I felt a bit like in a game on a mission 😀 As we left the trail, I felt a lot of contentment, a lot of fatigue and at the same time a relief that we managed before sunset 🙂

The next time we started from the point where we completed the previous mission. From Coalcliff station. Friends visited us during the Easter weekend, so after the holiday breakfast … eggs and bacon: D we went on hiking. The whole Easter weekend we had beautiful weather. I know, maybe it sounds strange, that I mention it at all because it is Australia, but it doesn’t burn the sun here non-stop 😛

A bit of photorelation from our Easter march.

Lookout on Wodi Wodi Track

Closeby Coalcliff Station, our starting point

Authentic mexican restaurant, time for a dinner after hike 🙂

Stanwell Park Beach



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      thank you a lot, I appreciated! I’ll think about vlogging 🙂

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