Day Trip to Blue Mountains

Finally my first post! It took me a while to do that since I set up my blog but today I woke up with such an enthusiasm in the morning and I decided that I’ll open my  laptop and write whatever thoughts bring to my mind. This enthusiasm is probably after yesterday’s expedition to the Blue Mountains, or rather for sure:D

Adventures always give me a drop of energy and spirit, whether its long, one day or several hours. It’s always new experiences, beautiful views and next great memories. These ones who know me, they know 😀

I went to Blue Mountains for just one day, I got up at 5 in the morning to be on time for the train to Sydney  and as soon as I got there I took the next train from Central station and went  towards Katoomba, very atmospheric town and starting point of the Blue Mountains. In Katoomba, you can buy a ticket to the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus, which will take you to all the key stations of the park, drive you around these stations that you could jump on and jump out at another stop and switch to a different hiking trail.

However, I didn’t do that because I didn’t want to pay $ 50 for such pleasure, I prefer to go through one path from the beginning to the end, enjoy the views calmly, rather than jumping around  to see a bit of everything. So I caught the ordinary bus from the Katoomba station to Echo Point, which is where the famous Three sisters are- three rock formations, which are the first point for visitors and also symbol of the Blue Mountains.

Three Sisters behind me.

…few words about The Blue Mountains  first 🙂

The Blue Mountains are located about 100 km west of Sydney. They are on the UNESCO World Heritage list and are actually blue! How come this blue mist floating over the mountains? Thanks to the eucalyptus growing on the mountain slopes and essential oils escaping from them. This effect occurs in many places that are overgrown with eucalyptus. During the winter in Australia there are even small snowfalls! The mountains are impressive, and for that reason it’s one of the most visited places in Australia. A great bushland escape for nature seekers!

Actually blue 🙂

 It was great to see the sisters and panorama from Echo Point! However I think that the views on the hiking trails are even more impressive. After taking some photos and enjoying the view I moved ahead to the Three Sisters Track,  a short one that leads to one of the three sisters. As the picture shows below the view from there and my excitement ! 😀  You have to go through a short wooden bridge and you can even sit on a bench in this large rock.

Wooden bridge to one of the sisters and rest area.

4th sister 😀

After a while of admiring the views I went to the longer trail “Leura Cascades Track”. The track itself takes 2 hours, unless you stop as often as I do to admire these majestic views, then longer. And the views are impressive,  on the way you can find many lookouts, it is necessary to deviate from the route and its absolutely worth it. You probably have plenty of time anyway because that’s what trip is about 🙂 If you’re lucky enough you can enjoy the nature alone, when the rest of the hikers are a little behind you or already ahead of you 😉 I like these moments alone the most. It’s just the feeling like you’re a witness to something incredible, the watcher but at the same time you’re part of everything that surrounds you! I find this feeling sometimes overwhelming but in a positive way, just like feeling lucky to be there.

Bridal Veil lookout.

 When I jumped out of the trail, then I realized that the explorer bus is a good enough option especially for older people or those very tired because bus drove up grabbing a group of tourists and I walked back to the centre of Katoomba by walk under the sun  haha :D: D: D I did not want to wait for the next public transport  another hour. 40 min by walk is not so bad to come back, although when I got there I felt quite tired. Going up to the hill in strong sun might be a bit tiring!  I like to be positively tired though. A man is really a hundred times more tired when he does nothing, especially when he does nothing that gives him spark in the eye. So let’s keep this fire ! Ok, I’m about to end for today. Have a nice day! I hope you will enjoy  the photos! 

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