Cape Hillsborough- the youngest volcanic area in Australia

Cape Hillsborough is a national park area located about 50 km north of Mackay in Queensland. One could say paradise for nature lovers. A paradise where the rainforest meets the ocean and where you can take a unique photo with a bunch of kangaroos lounging on the beach at sunrise. Cape Hillsborough offers several walking routes with truly scenic views. This is the youngest volcanic formation of Australia formed by the eruption of volcanoes 30 million years ago, where the sand under your feet glitters with gold.

I decided to walk through Andrews Trail, which offered some great lookouts along the way. One of them was Turtle lookout and this name was very accurate!

Shining sun, not a single cloud in the sky, 2 days off from work …Β  I’m heading off! In the morning I set off on my first trip with my new car, I was happy as a child. Along the way, music for full, singing or even dancing (however you can imagine this :D). High life. It was definitely one of the best purchase in Australia because the distances here can be stunning and it’s worth having a car if you want to fully explore the area in a short time. I remember being panicked when I got behind the wheel for the first time and drove on the left. I had the impression that I was just learning how to drive again! Chris was just shouting “you’re too close to the edge!”

However, man gets used to everything, now I feel like I have always been riding on the left.

Last moment to jump over the rocks behind me before the tide cover my entrance πŸ™‚

I left my car in the parking lot at Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park and that’s the best way to do that. From there, the walking route begins, right next to we have beaches, you can eat, order coffee, buy a souvenir or stay overnight in one of the houses or in a camper. When driving to the park, you must keep in mind the high and low tide times. For example … on Wedge Island (photo below) you won’t get at high tide because the road to it is completely flooded. Also during the day you have a few hours to go to the island, go sightseeing and come back dry again. The same goes for Andrews Trails. I jumped on the route walking along the beach, but at high tide I would have to start the route from the other side because part of the beach would be flooded.

Wedge Island, which is accessible only for a few hours a day during low tide

Andrew Trail is easy to beat, despite the steep stretch at the beginning. Along the way butterflies flew around my head. I managed to catch one of with my camera! My favorite viewpoint was Turtle Lookout, where I watched a herd of turtles for a long time! They dived, emerged over and over again. Just then I wished I had my binoculars with me. And next to it, to make it even more fabulous, a herd of dolphins appeared. I spent some time there. The sun was warming up, it would probably be wise to have a hat with me. It would seem trivial, but in Australia it is very easy to get a sunstroke and when they say put on a hat, take this hat on:D After returning to work I felt very exhausted and I was having a headache. On the second day everything went back to normal.

Walking trail

On the trail, as usual with a stick, like a vagabond πŸ˜€

Beautiful Blue Tiger Butterfly

I managed to capture one on the fly πŸ™‚

“Turtle Lookout”

In Australia, sunblock cream is also a necessary thing to use. I use 30, whenever I expose to the sun. UV radiation is very intense here. I was shocked at how many people talk so simply that they have skin cancer. Somewhere on the cheek, on the nose or that they just have to cut a tumor from the nose or they just did. Just use suncream πŸ™‚ Everyone says the same thing “when I was a kid, no one thought about sunblock or wearing a hat.” That’s right and the consequences come out later.

Returning to my route … after the end of the journey, hungry I was hoping for some dinner, although they closed the kitchen. I mean at the toursit park. Ok, it’s time for ice cream then! I still had a lot of time in my hands, so I went for a long walk along the beach to the very end, feeling enough isolated from everything and everyone I jump into water. I love empty beaches, I love to lie on the sand bathed in the sun and open my eyes once in a while to look around at how beautiful place I am. And then close them again and enjoy the moment.

Walking along the beach, I found a sea version of a four-leaf limb! For me, a unique, happy shell that is hard to spot normally. They call it “sand dollar”. The name comes from the first explorers of lands, who associated the shape of a shell with money. It is a remnant of a living organism that was sometime beautifully purple and full of life πŸ™‚

Sand Dollar

Walking along the shore you will also notice that the sand is glittering with gold in the sun! I like to know what and why, so usually after the trip I light up the goggles and look for information. In this way I know that my shell is a sand dollar, and the golden glow is nothing but MIKA – a natural mineral shimmering with gold. Due to the lack of heavy metals found in it, it is widely used in cosmetics. You can dye it with hand-made soaps, candles, add to lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows or simply let your imagination run wild by creating some kind of art.

According to legend and folklore, walking barefoot on mika is a remedy for stiffness and arthritis and treats headaches. Well, there is some truth in every legend! I personally think that just walking barefoot on sand, shells or rocks is beneficial. Natural foot massage and as we know the feet have receptors responsible for all our organs. That is why acupressure is so popular today. I use my natural acupressure practically every day on the beach and I admit that it feels great.

Cape Hillsborough is a place I have never heard of anywhere a few months ago. I think it is not particularly popular and does not appear on many bucket lists of travelers. I really realized that we know very little about Australia coming here. This also applies to me, of course. We know that is must to see the Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, Melbourne, Uluru, kangaroos, 12 Apostles, Ocean Drive, Blue Mountains, but these are only the most popular places. Australia has a lot to offer, but you need to delve into it a little, just discover places you have never heard of. Of course, this is only possible once you are there because you have the opportunity to talk to people about their adventures and draw inspiration. You also have enough time to travel this huuge distances.

Turkey heading to the beach πŸ˜€ many of them on the coast

Among other things, I like my current job. While working at the reception I meet a whole bunch of people who have often given me a nice advice to go somewhere, but also the other way! I was able to give Australians recommendations where to go because they had no idea of ​​the existence of a place that I visited. Or somewhere they heard about it, although they would never have thought of going there.

Ending my story about peaceful Cape Hillsborough … It’s worth a visit, and if you have more time I believe that it is worth staying for this magical sunrise with kangaroos.

Let me know if you visited this place and managed to see kangaroos on the beach ??

Or have you ever heard of Cape Hillsborough before? Maybe it is more known than I think!




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